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Where Data Center Operations and Business Needs Come Together.

Today, the Data Center management domain is experiencing a dramatic transformation with an increasing cost and complexity.

With Correlata CorreAssass ™ – for the first time ever – you can  manage all your business IT needs in one place – Simple, Efficient and 100% Cost Effective!

Architecture Solution for the Future

Drive your Data Center without Surprises

” No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
Albert Einstein

Insight and Transparency from the Data Center Floor to the Boardroom

Correlata’s CorreAssass ™ is a Dynamic Vendor-Agnostic Analytics solution empowers  Management and IT leaders – for the first time ever – with the clarity to quantify the true value and contribution emanating directly from IT to the business layer. This goes a long way toward delivering positive impact on cost and bossiness execution. Beyond that, it better ensures accurate, fast and seamless cloud migration without surprises.

Best of all – Correlata’s solution does not create additional payloads and provides a secure platform.

Cloud In-dependence
& True IT Sizing

Correlata offers an innovative toolset that indicates (empirically and at a glance) the true IT dimensions of your IT environment, letting you perform a full, partial or hybrid migration rapidly and with minimal pre-planning.

Align IT Efficiency
to Governance and Compliance

Correlata provides the peace of mind of knowing that your IT operations environment is always configured efficiently for regulatory compliance.

Predict the Risk
in Advance

Correlata’s analytics and management tools are like a business watchdog – always keeping a keen eye on your IT deployment – ensuring that risks are predicted and resolved before they manifest as problems. For a Data Center manager, that’s what you call a best friend.


Correlata’s Charge back program offers the advantage of  charging your IT costs, listing clearly and accurately each P&L line item, carefully detailing its consumption of IT assets.

Direct and
Indirect Savings

With Correlata’s efficiency model, find and expose locations and elements in your Data center consuming power and cooling resources without contributing to the business. These, in turn, can be easily reclaimed or shut down (reducing electrical bill, and freeing up floor space).

Be More

Green Data Centers.11
By reducing power consumption and preventing unnecessary IT sprawl, IT departments can reduce their environmental impact, while encouraging other business units to function sustainably and effectively.

Shift from a Reactive, Tools-Driven Paradigm to a Proactive, Data-Driven One

Correlata CorreAssess™ enables you to deploy a single tool that runs your entire Data Center business operations, helping you make informed judgement about critical management decisions, transforming IT into a profit center.


Correlata CorreAssess™ solution provides a single dashboard for Senior Leadership, with our patented cockpit controls for IT Operations leaders.  Through predictive analytics and machine-learning, we offer trend analysis, detailed data reporting while proactively identifying risks.

The Correlata solution combines all of your existing systems into a unified independent intelligence tool. guaranteeing increased efficiency, enhanced operational control and capital savings.

We are the first vendor-agnostic system that evaluates your cloud environments, while making unbiased recommendations based on the unique patterns of your system users.

Don’t take your providers recommendations alone. Confer with Correlata to ensure that you’re getting the most of your system… before you sign!

The Digital Transformation

The Paradigm Shift in Data Center Management

SMART IT – Insight and Transparency from the Data Center Floor to the Boardroom

IT departments are more than just hardware. They’re made up of people, strategy and policy. An errant key stroke or ill -conceived deployment could potentially endanger your most critical systems, causing faults that cost a fortune to fix, And you wouldn’t even know what hit you until it’s way too late!

With Correlata on board, that risk is minimized to a near-zero possibility. That’s because Correlata inspects all your systems and services, constantly and proactively, flagging you with full and detailed reports whenever something is amiss.

In the reactive world of IT, Correlata puts you in front of the pack and ahead of the curve. We eliminate surprises, reporting when anomalies occur, based on industry best practices or your organization’s environmental norms. Correlata prevents the catastrophic showdown that commonly draw attention as front page news. What’s more, we provide full access, anywhere and at any time.

Correlata CorreAssess™ solution PROACTIVELY identifies operating risks, trends, anomalies and misbehavior of Data Center IT as a whole, exposing independently which assets should be migrated to the cloud or otherwise keep on-prem. This calculation is the product of a sophisticated correlation between interrelated metrics drawn from all IT layers, leverage by a powerful analytics dashboard combined with reporting of data enriched with Correlata’s deep and extensive expert knowledge.

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Pablo Horenstein, 

Correlata VP Product & Pre-sales

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