Zero to Sixty in the Blink of an Eye

Zero to Sixty in the Blink of an Eye

A study done in the early 70’s showed that when car-makers added safety belts to sports vehicles, the average speed at which the driver would drive increased significantly.

The result was quite surprising! It’s pretty obvious that safety belts do not add power or torque to the vehicle… the typical elements that would speed up the car.

The data clearly indicate the seat belt gave a sense of security to the drivers, so they could afford to “take risks” without fear of injury, on a consistent basis.

Race drivers operate in a dynamic and unpredictable environment. Racers drive very fast cars while they process essential information that comes also from the communication and internal systems in the vehicle. In addition, drivers are constantly under huge pressure, and they need consistently to know how to control the flow of information, analyze the information and know what to do in a split second with a sense of safety.

Sound familiar?

In the computing world, especially in the ICT environment, IT managers are like race car drivers, and work in an environment similar to a racetrack. However, in this computing environment managers do not have seat belts.

Datacenter and IT infrastructure environments share the same dynamic and multi-faceted nature of race courses – many shifting variables, split-second decision making, and the need to stay on top of the latest tools and components to win.

Correlata is the seat belt for the IT managers!

Correlata is the first platform for IT/Business champions community for sharing insights and supercharging business operations.

Correlata brings the power back to IT and business executives, letting them make decisions about their tech-driven business without vendor influence.

This is the first platform that provides holistic insight on IT health, powers intelligent improvement, and communications in a language that makes sense – from the datacenter to the boardroom.

Correlata is the first Holistic Alaytics IT operations management platform, allowing CIOs and IT managers Consistently maximize their management and operational capabilities, reduce the number IT operations risks and to become the IT champion their business need in a single click.

In other words – Crrelata gives you the competitive advantage you need to win the race by predicting the curves in the racetrack, and strapping in for full speed – safely, quickly, and intelligently.

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