Greenlight Business Objectives with Correlata

Greenlight Business Objectives with Correlata

OPEX, CAPEX, SLAs, TATs, MTTR, DR – let’s ditch the acronyms for a minute and talk about global impact.

While the letters above (and their corresponding numbers) are the best way to measure the success of an IT department, what if CIOs and IT directors could exceed business needs while encouraging sustainability, corporate responsibility, and eco-friendly practices?

Information is power, but that power comes at an increasingly high cost, both in dollars and impact to our planet.

Companies are struggling with how to balance cost, performance, security and compliance, while retaining flexibility and control of increasingly complex IT operations. As social media continues to cement itself as a critical means of promotion as well as customer engagement, it’s no longer possible to win by being the fastest, or the cheapest. From microbusiness to large enterprise – it’s now about being the best. From the data center floor to the boardroom, corporate citizenship matters. DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Data Center UPS Market in US 2016-2020” report to their offering.

The report forecasts the data center UPS market in the US to grow at a CAGR of 4.01% during the period 2016-2020.

This trend has escalated even further in recent years, and shows no sign of stopping. With the amount of hosted data doubling every 18 months, and even faster by some projections – something’s got to give. So, surely IT budgets are increasing to meet this demand, right? According to SpiceWorks, there is an average increase in the timeframe above of 9%. While this is certainly an increase, it is not proportionate to the growth in consumption displayed above. This means that more than ever, IT professionals are needing to find creative new ways to reduce power consumption and make the most of existing IT resources.

, the first solution that help businesses achieve a positive net impact on the environment as well as the bottom line. Correlata is the only solution that intelligently analyzes all information technology assets, condensing results into a single pane, and then making proactive suggestions for improvement.
The logic is simple – by reducing power consumption and preventing unnecessary IT sprawl, IT departments can reduce environmental impact and encourage other business units to function sustainably and effectively. As a service provider or business to business provider, sustainability and corporate citizenship affects the decision-making process for everyone involved. From customers and potential investors, even prospective employees are weighing environmental impact in the decision-making process.

Correlata is the only solution that can deliver the efficiency and management in a language that makes sense from the data center floor to the boardroom, while supporting business goals of sustainability and corporate citizenship.

Correlata represents a revolutionary data center management concept:, Holistic pro-active analytic solution that helps IT leadership overcome IT Infrastructure operation constraints. Correlata is the pioneer of IT collaboration technology, the most effective platform for IT business leaders that will allow you to detect organization’s vulnerabilities, gain new insights into the daily wellbeing of your IT business operations, and helping to prevent IT operations threats and risks, reduce data center IT operation inefficiency and save money on operations, space and energy. Correlata Identifies “black holes” in the IT setup and generates  reports of discrepancies, anomalies, data loss, mis-configurations, and availability risks. In addition, Correlata exposes allocated IT resources that don’t provide value to any application or service.

In other words – Correlata gives you the competitive advantage you need to drive operations and business efficiency.