Correlata to help Federal Agencies to outperform

Correlata to help Federal Agencies to outperform

More and more Federal Agencies recognize nowadays the business benefits of reorganization of IT infrastructure in existing Data Centers to provide more service, avoid building new Data Centers and reduce budgets.


DatacenterServer, storage and network with adequate  security policies services as core Infrastructure elements in the Data Center, are always extended to immediate complementary  needs for more infrastructure resources to provide additional infrastructure services such as storage space for copy services, servers and associated components,  High availability and Disaster Recovery, IP network and storage network for redundancy and infrastructure software components such as Storage  and server virtualization solutions, Backup systems, clustering solutions and data replication systems.

A major catalyst toward IT analytic solutions is a growing need to provide better SLA’s with moderate costs to existing systems and supporting new systems as business requirements change. All this using best of bread and heterogeneous infrastructure from multiple vendors, covering and correlating divers disciplines, using restricted internal staff and depending  on complementary knowledge and expertise.


There is no surprise that the total cost and unjustified IT infrastructure weight on each service and application, in addition to critical importance of service availability and data loss risks, leads to huge direct and indirect costs that have difficulties to identify the gaps between requirements and de-facto deployment.

Correlata embrace  those challenges with a strong emphasis on reducing costs and mitigate risks,  based on Correlata independent discovery and the End-to-End IP engine correlations that maximize Proactively the Visibility, Usability, Availability, Resiliency, Redundancy and Efficiency of existing IT infrastructure elements.

Correlata provides a unique solution that allows Federal Data Centers to enhance their services in a daily basis, reducing costs of infrastructure investments mitigating risks and providing a real solution to consolidate, analyze and correlate IT infrastructure effectiveness of the Data centers. Correlata is the only solution that intelligently analyzes all information technology assets, condensing results into a single pane, and then making proactive suggestions for improvement.

The logic is simple – by reducing power consumption and preventing unnecessary IT sprawl, IT departments can reduce environmental impact and encourage other business units to function sustainably and effectively.

Correlata represents a revolutionary data center management concept:, The OmniVisibility holistic pro-active solution that helps IT leadership overcome IT Infrastructure operation constraints.

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Correlata is the only solution that can deliver the efficiency and management in a language that makes sense from the data center floor to the boardroom, while supporting business goals of sustainability and corporate citizenship.



Correlata platform working on top and around the existing platforms, uses a unique data-fusion analytic concept (patent pending), providing a new level of management insights and visibility on ALL data center operations, across ALL systems, platforms, applications, and ensures you’re not just up and running, but highly available, resilient per your design intentions and business objectives.

Correlata Identifies “black holes” in the IT setup and generates  reports of discrepancies, anomalies, data loss, mis-configurations, and availability risks. In addition, Correlata exposes allocated IT resources that don’t provide value to any application or service.

Correlata solution quantifies the IT resources allocated to computing systems, Databases and applications, identify no usage, partial and ineffective use of provisioned resources , eliminate the need for those IT resources that do not create any business value, minimize service unavailability and data loss potential risks whilst creating a clear and precise picture of the IT environment and sharing information of how Federal Agencies can squeeze their existing infrastructure in order to provide more Quality Of Services (QOS) with same or even less investments, make sure  that there are no hidden risks on system availability, data protection process,  potential failures on data recovery and realize gaps on under/over provisioning of Infrastructure delivered  to satisfy  customer’s business commitments, regulations and  SLA’s.


Correlata can help the Federal Data Centers to:

–   Reducing IT budgets
–   Efficient provisioning of IT Resources and services.
–   Mitigate hidden and potential risks of system availability and data loss.
–   Identify over and under provisioning of Infrastructure resources according to business requirements.
–   Compliance of data protection and high availability vs. de-facto implementation and SLA’s.


Correlata can identify correlation of IT infrastructure layers and their function in the following areas:

Storage should serve not only storage volumes to store and retrieve information to/from applications, BUT  also identify  appropriate storage type allocation,   ensure data mapping  to multiple servers for high  availability designs, provide appropriate source, staging and target storage space for  data protection, enable intelligent use of storage to  create data copies, ensure end-to-end redundancy from disk spindle to Application by analyzing LUN structures, Storage array front-end distribution and  storage virtualization implementations.

Storage Networking should serve not only the connectivity between storage arrays and servers running applications and Databases, BUT also allow complementary services such as abstraction, storage virtualization, resiliency, redundancy  by providing service survivability and identify any possible risk of single point of failure.

Blade Systems, physical servers and virtualization solution should serve not only Database Systems and multi-Tier applications computing layer, BUT also provide maximum availability and business continuity as part of complete disaster recovery and business continuity architecture.

Data Protection solution should extend the backup process, mapping  gaps between existing Data structures as volumes, file systems and databases reflected to servers; Data protection policies implemented by backup, copy services and replication systems and internal compliance dictated by customer’s SLA’s and internal regulations

Service Availability solution should correlate end-to-end chain of infrastructure HW & SW objects such as storage arrays, network devices, server adaptors in addition to infrastructure SW objects such as Multipathing, server volume management and clustering to ensure no SPOF across the whole chain of infrastructure elements supporting Applications and Databases. Manage an efficient delivery of heterogeneous and best of breed services of storage systems, switches and Directors, Physical and virtual servers, as well as maintaining effective IT infrastructure  provisioning to application Systems and Databases – require a holistic solution.

In other words – Correlata provides Federal Data Center management level, the competitive advantage needed to drive operations and business efficiency. 

>>Learn more about Correlata OmniVisibility holistic pro-active Platform, designed for heterogeneous coverage- breaking the silo-effect in current infrastructure environments.