Changing the power of balance on behalf of the customers

Changing the power of balance on behalf of the customers

Following the US Federal Manager’s Daily Report post from August 5th 2016, “Next Step Take on Data Center Initiative” –  , the administration has launched the “data center optimization initiative,” following up on a prior data center consolidation initiative with a renewed emphasis on reducing the energy and real estate footprint of government data centers and reducing the cost of data center hardware, software, and operations. The situation these days makes these goals very challenging, due to the fact that vendor’s tools nowadays embrace the silo concept. Although vendor tools do support other competitive vendors, the information collected is still generated from vendor management systems resulting in limited and incomplete information. The customer therefore needs to make decisions based on incomplete information, arranged the way the vendors want it! In order to actually change the balance of power between customers and vendors, an independent tool should be available to the customer.

 Is this possible? Is this doable? 

And for this to happen, a change in the set of mind of IT managers / CTO / CIO needs to take place:

  1. Reactive actions are yesterday’s IT – We all expect business and operations to be available instantly. Proactive management’s access to operations is essential for enterprises to maintain a competitive edge. 
  1. Closing the management – operations gap –  Complex infrastructure creates a business-applications gap that disrupts quality of service delivery and business continuity. Closing the gap requires an all new set of management tools. 
  1. Turn data into real practical insights – Get the highest level of visibility on ALL your Data Center Infrastructure environments, across ALL systems, platforms and applications. Now you can proactively prevent infrastructure risks, focus on efficiency to improve service delivery and up-time, and cut operations costs already from day one – all with one comprehensive platform.

With Correlata, the missing information is attainable and presentable. The change of mind that is required is the understanding that you can gain control of your vendors, proactively, automatically, on a daily base.  Once this new concept is adopted by the IT manager, the change will happen faster than you think! Correlata platform is an independent solution that can independently discover the end-to-end correlation between connectivity and configurations, with embedded roles inside to force company regulations, compliance and internal policy.  Once implemented it will reveal the missing gaps that you cannot see today, from systems to boardroom on a single platform in order to:

  • Present IT contributions and success to company management
  • Present IT status to the company management
  • Control which Server/DB/BU/Application is over or under company compliance / policy
  • Achieve independent End-to-End visibility
  • Reclaim orphan objects
  • Proactively solve IT issues and Improve SLA
  • Control in advance the next IT Infrastructure purchase
  • And much more…

Correlata’s breakthrough technology is the first to solve the inherent silo effect in all current Data Center infrastructure environments, by applying an advanced analytic engine with embedded and sophisticated rules. Our engine generates valuable information regarding wise usage of IT infrastructure investments, resource allocation efficiency, IT alignment to define SLA’s, service availability and data recovery risks – building a transparent ecosystem.

>>Learn more about Correlata OmniVisibility holistic pro-active Platform, designed for heterogeneous coverage- breaking the silo-effect in current infrastructure environments.