IBM Enjoying Partnering with Correlata

IT is expensive… IT is hard… To cloud or not to cloud… To scale up or to scale out… In search of clusters… Hacks and attacks… RPOs and RTOs… The questions are a plenty, and only one answer applies universally is, “It depends.” IBM is enthused by our burgeoning partnership with Correlata. Correlata attacks the questions surrounding IT Optimization with data; lots of data. IBM loves data and endorses the Correlata approach to IT analytics based on detailed data gleaned from servers, switches, storage devices, and more.


Indeed, a good part of the IBM/Correlata partnership deals with garnering even more data, from more servers, like the IBM Enterprise Linux servers: the LinuxONE Emperor and the LinuxONE Rockhopper diagonal scaling, high quality of service, highly engineered and highly integrated Linux servers for the enterprise. With IBM’s help, Correlata is building scanners for LinuxONE, and to follow will be a LinuxONE “recommendations engine: to facilitate workload selection and optimized use of LinuxONE to resolve the most demanding of IT issues.


The Correlata data scanners for LinuxONE will access RESTful GET APIs on the Hardware Management Console (HMC) to acquire detailed configuration and utilization data from LinuxONE servers running in Dynamic Partitioning Mode (DPM) or in normal mode (PR/SM). Additionally, Correlata will access SMAPI services on z/VM to garner detailed configuration and utilization information from the hypervisor wherein hundreds or many hundreds of virtual servers may be under management. Finally, Correlata will scan Linux instances running on LinuxONE to gather top of stack server and application data for correlation to IT optimization rules and business goals achievement analysis.


Data is a wonderful thing.

When enough data is collected, from enough IT resources, over enough time, then a lot of interesting observations can be made, and a lot of interesting IT analytics can be performed. The Correlata dashboard presents unique and powerful views of IT assets at work in service to business processes and the dashboard can be viewed to quickly assess and then drill down on identified business or IT issues and the resources contributing to those issues.


Additionally, Correlata runs periodic detailed analytics against the ocean of collected IT data to help understand risk exposure to availability events and to security events. Correlata is powerful in that solving a problem starts with identifying and understanding the problem (that’s the cake), but identifying potential remedies based on factual evidence as Correlata does using their “recommendations engine” is the “icing on the cake!”