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Data center migration can seem daunting as there are multiple moving parts when undertaking this type of project. Whether you are in-process of considering a data center migration or are preparing for one, it is important to examine each part of the project before moving forward.

Planning ahead can mean the difference between success and unmet expectations, so it remains vital to start with a solid grasp on the inventory of your data center. Before creating a timeline or plan, determine the current health and state of your data center.


Understand the status and purpose of each application in your data center, know which business applications are imperative to your organization, what configurations are required for the current applications, and most important, know the allowed downtime, power specs, and owners for each application.


Below are a few key points to examine for each application in your data center:

  • 1.  Planned upgrades or changes
  • 2.  Allowable Downtime
  • 3.  Server, network, storage and operating system requirements
  • 4.  Power specs
  • 5.  Connectivity (cabling) diagrams

    The physical data center is not the only business aspect which needs to be evaluated.

    You must know the staff, the business goals, and the risk assessment for any data center migration. Determine all of the questions first, then find the answers. In doing so, this will help ensure each piece of the data center migration is recognized and prepared for in advance.

    When reviewing these questions, it’s necessary to examine more than just the logistical side of this process. A data center migration is the perfect time to review technologies, data structures, and/or infrastructures. With the growing collection and use of data, data center virtualization could be the answer for your organization.

  • To have complete visibility to both the used and un-used data center resources is the top priority outcome to best budget and allocate for any successful data center migration. Learn how to assess the resource utilization through Correlata’s One Time Assessment Software.

  • It is vital to create a plan of action before starting, and how this plan is created, who is in charge of creating it or what exactly goes into the plan will depend on each organization’s needs and resources. Make certain there is a solid understanding of the environment from the start

    Having people on board who can respect the importance of a seamless data center migration is priceless. Having the right staff can greatly improve the process; this doesn’t just refer to IT, but project managers and upper management as well.

    A data center migration has the potential to vastly improve an organization’s current solution. Research and planning are the start of a successful migration.