Correlata Achieves Another Milestone for IT Operations and Management Excellence

Correlata Achieves Another Milestone for IT Operations and Management Excellence

As a part of our three-year strategic agreement between Correlata and IBM, we have completed the first stage of building a unique ability that provides, for the first time, the power to bring a holistic view for x86 and IBM LinuxONE and IBM Linux on Z systems under a single information technology management platform.


Our newest platform features and enhancements include a focus on business metrics such as IT business alignment, investment efficiency, service availability, and data loss risks in context with applications and/or environments with the ability to emphasize the business impact along with the option to drag-and-drop directly into specific IT areas and highlight the specific IT objects involved on the x86 and IBM LinuxONE systems.

Pablo Horenstein, Correlata shares, “The new IBM Z and IBM LinuxOne infrastructure capabilities imported into the Correlata CorreAssess™ engine offer a unique value proposition to IBM’s customers, allowing them to build a strong and long-term relationship with Correlata to embrace the full cycle of analysis and remediation of LinuxONE-based IT assets over time.” He continues, “We can now reflect the IBM Z/LinuxOne infrastructure inventory, resource allocations, and performance metrics into an analytic solution. Furthermore, data collection from IBM Z/VM virtualization layer and Linux operating systems will provide a multi-layer analysis to be combined with the existing Correlata analytic engine.”

IBM shares their excitement by communicating, “IBM is pleased to be supported by the unique capabilities of Correlata’s tooling and IBM appreciates the investment efforts by Correlata to assure that IBM LinuxONE users can enjoy Correlata’s IT Optimization remedies.”


Correlata’s CorreAssess is an innovative and vendor-agnostic analytics solution empowering management and IT leaders – for the first time ever – with the clarity to quantify the true value and contribution emanating directly from IT to the business layer. CorreAssess goes a long way towards delivering positive impact on cost and business execution.

Correlata is a powerful solution that helps drive data center automation and efficiency. Its CorreAssess product is an excellent example of an innovative solution that helps increase uality of Service (QoS) delivery by 50%, reduce DC Opex and Capex by 30%. Correlata also allows quick and efficient cloud mitigation saving money by purchasing the right amount of capacity, thus, lowering cloud costs by up to 25%.

Correlata is a powerful solution to help drive data center automation and efficiency for CIO’s CEO’s etc. or IT leaders, and is a great example of a solution that could help drive significant benefit for helping increase service delivery, reduce DC Opex and reduce DC Capex.

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