Cost Saving is the Top Motivation for Data Center Tools

Cost Saving is the Top Motivation for Data Center Tools

Not only do today’s data center energy costs make up almost 80 percent of operational expenses, but data centers are projected to soon amount to the largest share of global electricity production, according to Huawei Technologies’ Total Consumer Power Consumption Forecast.

As many new technologies enter the data center realm at increasing rates, expectations for advanced operational environments are at odds with an ever-present demand to keep costs down.

In fact, studies have shown that cost savings continue to be a main motivating factor when selecting data center management tools. While introducing new processes to data center operations like real-time data center monitoring, researchers have found managers need the pressure of an issue or decision to overhaul the existing legacy tech to make the step towards adopting a data center manager tool.

As we kick off 2019, IT teams will need to face the market’s demand for data center innovations around cloud migration, edge computing and other evolving industry expectations. It’s this demand that will bring the benefits of real-time consumption monitoring to the forefront of data center managers’ minds as a key component of success and Correlata’s CorreAsses is leading this charge.

Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Infrastructure

Data center managers continually look for ways to understand and control their infrastructure’s electrical power, often relying on power distribution unit (PDUs). With real-time monitoring tools’ ability to deliver device level power and thermal data, teams can eliminate the need for intelligent power distribution units. While investing in PDUs can cost thousands of dollars, real-time consumption monitoring tools only require a one-time investment and offer a way for IT teams to collect data directly from servers without deploying costly and redundant infrastructure.

Identify Underutilized Servers

Without a full understanding of its infrastructure, performance data centers are often left with under-utilization rates as high as 50 percent leaving the opportunity to double your data center’s revenue untouched. By deploying Correlata’s CorreAssess OTA, companies can analyze utilization with data collected over a period of time, allowing IT managers to understand the relationship between server power consumption and energy optimization potential. As a result, managers can identify underutilized servers, better deploy tasks more efficiently across their data center, and ultimately, open the door to more revenue opportunities.

Explore Consolidation with Increased Visibility

With a rising demand for expansion, consolidating data center operations is likely the last thing on an IT manager’s mind. But with data center monitoring, managers can view their environment’s efficiency like they’ve never seen it before, opening their eyes to a major cost savings opportunity. Given the granular insights into server health, cooling, and power consumption, data center managers tool that start with Correlata’s CorreAssess provide the visibility to safely and efficiently perform consolidation and cloud migration.

Utilizing features like power monitoring, thermal consumption analysis, and health utilization, data center management tools increase managers’ visibility and offer the means to make decisions based on real-time data. This elevated level of management will be key for data center teams as they face the industry’s growing demands for new innovations in 2019.