Cost busters: The company that developed an algorithm that cuts operational costs and improves availability

Cost busters: The company that developed an algorithm that cuts operational costs and improves availability

Today, more than ever, IT systems are essential for economic and social development. Services such as electricity and water supply are based on IT systems. The complexity and operation of these systems, combined with potential risks from various external entities, represent threats not only to the owners of the companies and the service providers, but to society as a whole.

Organizations incur operating and servicing costs of the various IT systems (in the cloud or in any other format) in order to minimize these risks. These expenses can range from hundreds and up to millions of dollars per year, and the appropriate hardware/software solutions are expected to mature in a few years at best.

And until then? Correlata is proud to reveal a comprehensive solution that is based on a unique algorithm developed by the company, which has received a patent in the United States. This algorithm has succeeded in solving the difficulty and challenge faced by large IT organizations on a daily basis – the absence of a single platform that integrates and provides a snapshot of the state of the IT system and its investments in IT infrastructures, to the company’s business units, in a simple and pro-active manner.

The time has come…

After five years of developing this unique algorithm, which constitutes a breakthrough in the transparency of information about that complex infrastructure world, Correlata is taking on the market, and facing the challenge which no company has been willing to tackle to date – the ability to collect information from complex and cumbersome IT infrastructures (the IT Maze) and make it accessible. Managers, internal and external auditors and/or anyone without a technological background, who wants and needs to understand the infrastructure in depth, can do so easily, for every parameter. The uniqueness of the solution is that it makes the infrastructure accessible to the business layer in a simple, clear and manageable manner. It is based on a user-friendly dashboard that helps decision makers achieve the transparency they expect.

Ofer Laksman, Correlata CEO: “The unique system provides the ability to monitor IT operations from the manager’s point of view and enables the manager, for the first time, to evaluate the use of technology and its business value by linking the infrastructure layer to the business layer, regardless of where it is located in the data center – locally, in the cloud or any other combination.”

Laksman adds: “We call this kind of out-of-the-box, innovative concept the Correlata Transformation Value Chain. This concept allows us, for the first time, to present the full picture of the infrastructure – both from an operational perspective and from a business perspective. This creates a kind of effective communication between the various departments and levels in the organization, while achieving a significant. Savings in storage costs, streamlining the deployment of IT and supporting systems, exposing and presenting risks related to the day-to-day management and operation of the IT infrastructure, as well as alerting about and exposing core systems in the organization that do not conform to the established IT policy, in terms of service availability (SLA).

Using the Correlata Transformation Value Chain solution will help the organization to meet its business objectives better, more qualitatively and more cost effectively.

The Correlata Transformation Value Chain solution provides the organization with the following added value benefits:

  • The ability to understand, for the first time, the business value that the business layer receives from the infrastructure layer.
  • Extensive reduction in inefficient IT infrastructures that support the business layer, downsizing the existing system by up to 30%. This is in addition to the savings in electricity, floor space and pollution – which make the organization a greener one.
  • A unique dashboard for the management layer, enabling management members to view and see in real time the level of efficiency in each of the organization’s IT centers.
  • Shut down and disconnection of redundant infrastructure, that does not contribute any business value, leading to a reduction in licensing costs, as well as reducing organizational exposure to a backdoor for cyber hackers.
  • In any decision to migrate to a new site and/or cloud, be it partial or hybrid, our solution can first of all help understand the “real” size of the IT system for that needs to be acquired in the cloud, in order to avoid unexpected expenses and, of course, avoid duplicating the inefficiency that may already exist in that same array. These issues are not always transparent or clear to decision makers who often lack a rich technological background.