Can You Keep Up With Your Data Center Needs?

Can You Keep Up With Your Data Center Needs?

The data center industry is continuously challenged with staying up-to-date with the ever-changing technological advancements, as well as the growing customer demands. It’s getting more and more difficult for data center engineers and IT managers to ensure higher uptimes, handle costs, and deploy fast, all at the same time—but it’s not impossible either.

Correlata has identified the top three challenges that IT Managers, and Data Center Engineers face while implementing and managing data centers.

Challenge #1: Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

Data centers have a lot going on inside them, so unexpected failures are inevitable. There are applications, connecting cables, network connectivity, cooling systems, power distribution, storage units, and much more running all at once. Constant monitoring and reporting different metrics is a must for data center operators and managers. Having the ability to run a full data center diagnostic, like Correlata’s CorreAssess One Time Assessment, will better help you analyze your data centers’ resources, so you’re capable of taking well-informed decisions and immediate actions accordingly.

Challenge #2: Uptime and Performance Maintenance

Measuring the performance and ensuring uptime of data centers is the major concern for data center managers and operators. This also includes maintaining power and cooling accuracy and ensuring the energy efficiency of the overall structure. Manually calculating the metrics is of no or a very little help in most cases. You must be able to have visibility outside of the siloed approach to make it quick, simple, and easy to manage the uptime and other performance metrics.

Challenge #3: Staff Productivity Management

Tracking, analyzing, and reporting performances of all the data center infrastructure is a daunting task. It may take a lot of your staff’s time and efforts, yet you can’t ensure accuracy when monitoring is carried out manually. Once Correlata’s CorreAssess OTA has been conducted, you will be able to better automate these operations and free a lot of your staff’s time. You can also automate workflow approvals and assign technicians for particular tasks, along with the automation of other manual tasks.

With the developing technology, applications, data, and devices, data centers are subjected to continuously evolve with it. Now that you know a few of the challenges you may face as a data center manager and how to face them, let Correlata’s CorreAssess platform aid the process and make your life easier.