What happens without
horizontal + vertical data center analysis?

Over-budget and
deadlines missed


Only partial


Vertical analysis isn’t
the whole picture


Lack of efficiency for
cloud projects

Providing the missing part of the puzzle
Representing the answer to the pain that all medium to large enterprises face – The inability to extract business indicators from technical metrics

Correlata deals with the inherent silo-vendor effect,  with a focus on exposing data loss and service availability risks, providing the full visibility & holistic transparency in a language that makes sense from the data center floor to the boardroom.

At the heart is the Correlata CorreAssess platform that holistically connect compute, virtualization and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution with rich intelligence insights.

Correlata inspect for the first time the relations between the datacenter systems layer and the business layer and provides unique insights into the daily wellbeing of IT business operations, making sure that you’re not just up and running, but highly available, resilient per your design intentions and business objectives, regulations and compliance.

Hybrid based delivery as easy and secured as it gets

Correlata platform works on top and around existing platforms, uses a unique data-fusion analytic concept and provides a new level of management insights and visibility on ALL data center operations, across ALL systems, platforms, and applications.
We use a sophisticated proactive analytical cross-domain, agent-less, schedule-oriented engine based on a smart algorithm (patent), to collect and correlate  information from different data sources, using predefined analytic rules applied to ALL collected data
Why choose Correlata
to manage your data center ?
Breaking the Silo Effect complexity – Solve the inherent silo-effect in all current infrastructure environments with a holistic analytics engine
IT & Business Aligned - Get operations visibility into key business performance indicators to help to quantify the value and revenue coming directly from IT
Turning Data Into Real Practical Insights - Generate accurate & detailed insights, utilize a proactive approach methodology
Immediate Savings and ROI - Reclaim and save IT resources that are not providing any business value and prevent possible operational risks
Aggregates IT information across various sectors and providing transparency for quarter-to-quarter budgetary tasks
Get a comprehensive snapshot
of the health of your IT consistently
Providing transparency for YoY growth in IT investments and reducing IT spend
across the Data Center
Drive Data Center management with accurate information that produces information from the person on the data center floor to board room
Adapts and integrates seamlessly with existing systems, regardless of type, vendor  or generation
Exposing blind spots in the IT and securing new deployments and resources easily and efficiently
Handle your
cloud migration
Get up-to-date
in the palm of
your hand
Identify the chain of infrastructure elements and services allocated to applications and identify gaps between the real situation and the required resource allocation
Identify gaps between real resource provisioning and allocation vs. claim and usage of IT infrastructure elements
Correlate information between the data sources and expose missing or wrong implementation of redundancy and resiliency solutions in place
Ensures that IT is deployed, provisioned and used according to internal policies and external regulations, matching existing with required status and exposing gaps between them
A propriety built in analytics engine which helps address tasks no other product does today
Works based on the Disk Switch perspective – so if your data is not available it can show outage at the application level
Addresses Lower Cost Of Ownership (COS), Improved Quality Of Service (QOS) and Return on Investment (ROI)
Promoting and leveraging IT outside of the IT
Benefits with Correlata CorreAssess™ platform

Enhance datacenter IT operations

  • Unified platform shared by Operations, Mgmt & Executive roles.
  • Analytic and DSS Solution similar to BI tools.
  • Focus on Proactive approach rather than reacting to failures.

Increase provisioning – utilization ratio

  • Identify storage efficient usage along Datacenter layers.
  • Discover whether ALL allocated IT resources provide value
  • Re –use of existing IT resources.

IT alignment to  business values

  • Allow justification of IT infrastructure investments and budgets.
  • Quantify IT infrastructure weight to Biz Services.
  • Help IT to become a business contributor rather than a facilitator.

High availability and SPOF

  • Control Full Redundancy and Resiliency.
  • Analyze Business impact of configuration changes.
  • Identify SPOF scenarios.

Detailed & consolidated info gathering

  • Correlation between Connectivity, Configuration and Compliance
  • Analysis of Availability and Recovery capabilities.
  • Discovery of Elements supporting planned downtime.

Track meta-data changes

  • Track Performance Degradation caused by HW changes.
  • Identify missing File systems on App Failure.
  • Map Registry/Kernel changes.

Data protection gap analysis

  • Full correlation between Policies, Data & Backup Results.
  • Identify wrong configuration & Human errors.
  • Map total Data protection coverage and RPO, RTO and Compliance

Recovery from data copies

  • Full Visibility of Data Copies and their  App dependencies.
  • Reflect source volume grow into related targets.
  • Identify Recovery failures due to copy services errors.

Identify access Issues

  • Highlight storage array or front-end  redundancy.
  • Find fabric and Multi-pathing wrong implementation.
  • Map  data  to  ALL servers in clusters, hypervisors or blades.
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