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Connecting the Dots with Smarter Analytics

The uniquenesss of Correlata advanced platform lies within the Holistic Automated Proactive Analytics Engine (patent-pending), which correlates the relationships between heterogeneous and multi-layer IT infrastructure systems.

Implementing a proactive approach methodology of analyzing outcomes of IT hardware and software infrastructure provisioning, usability, availability, resiliency and efficiency.

The daily advanced data collection, allows IT leaders to get detailed insights and accurate KPIs that enable them to maximize management and operational capabilities and reduce the number of IT operational risks in a single click.

Correlata queries and tracks unique, rich and massive IT infrastructure information independently by using standard CLI/API’s, parsing configuration files, querying product policies and resource connectivity based on IT rules and best practices knowledge, combining them into our automated “CARB” (part of our IP).

Correlata collects independent IT information from heterogeneous entities/objects such as servers, blade systems, hypervisors, SAN-IP and fibre channel switches/directors, storage arrays, copy services, replication solutions and backup systems; gathering information such as basic inventory, detailed configuration and structures, end-to-end mappings, holistic data coverage, redundancy, resiliency & SPOF risks, high availability implementation, resource allocations and usage.

End-to-End Visibility Like Never Before:

Gain full visibility of SLA’s implementation based on de-facto Technical Metrics & Business Indicators

Get clear insights on your service availability and data recovery potential risks

Maximize usability and efficiency of existing IT infrastructure elements

Quantify the real IT Infrastructure resource allocation
Identify poor Hardware & Software infrastructure resource utilization
Re-use of IT Infrastructure resources not providing any business value
Cutting-Edge Analytical Platform
Identify the correlation of IT infrastructure layers and their function
Cost reductionn and risk mitigation
Improved service delivery by mitigating hidden and potential risks of system availability and data Recovery
Maximized efficiency by identifying over/under provisioning of infrastructure resources according to business agreements
Ensured constant compliance of IT methodologies vs. de-facto implementation
Unique modular system to handle the needs of a modern IAAS and PAAS service provider

In addition, Correlata unique insights will provide important information in the following areas:


  • Allow IT decision-makers check storage mapping to multiple servers for high availability policies.
  • Provide appropriate staging and target storage space for data protection.
  • Enable intelligent use of storage to create data copies.
  • Ensure delivery of end-to-end redundancy from disk spindle, LUN structure, front end distribution and storage virtualization implementation.

Storage Networking

  • Allow complementary services such as abstraction, storage visualization, resiliency and redundancy.
  • Provide service survivability and identify any possible risk of single point of failure.
  • Constant monitoring with multiple data points correlation.


Blade Systems, Physical Servers and Visualization

  • Provide maximum availability and business continuity as part of complete disaster recovery and business architecture.
  • Proactively expose missing and/or wrong implemented high-availability solutions in physical, virtual and blades.

 Data Protection

  • Extend the backup process by mapping the gaps between existing data structures as volumes, file systems and databases.
  • Correlate existing status with internal compliance dictated by customer’s SLA’s and internal regulations.

Service Availability

  • Correlate end-to-end chain of infrastructure HW & SW objects such as storage arrays, network devices and server adapters
  • Ensure no SPOF across the whole chain of infrastructure elements supporting applications and databases alike.
  • Identify the chain of infrastructure resources in-context with applications, exposing availability risks.