One Time Assement Service

The One Time Assessment is the perfect tool for a FAST, ACCURATE AUDIT diagnostic of your entire data center infrastructure environment

Correlata helps you get the most out of your investment and Operations in the Data Center

The goal of Correlata’s One-Time Assessment (OTA) is to highlight the gaps between IT infrastructure’s provisioned /allocated resources and the way they are claimed and used by different IT layers.

The main OTA objectives are to provide a holistic health check of your data center operations, taking into consideration your deployment and compliance with internal regulations – providing you with a comprehensive and deep analysis report of the risks and savings.

Correlata CorreAssess OTA will highlight un-used IT infrastructure resources by implementing the following processes:

  • Automating the discovery of IT infrastructure resources chain built in combination of connectivity and configurations.
  • Identifying resources that do not deliver any operations or business value.
  • Highlighting availability risks by discovering redundancy and single point of failure issues.

Correlata’s CorreAssess OTA process includes a data gathering phase, a data validation and analysis phase and a summary with detailed info supporting the findings.  The assessment cycle is divided into three main phases (pre, during and post on-site visit of Correlata’s Technical team).

Identify the correlation of IT infrastructure layers and their function in the following areas:

Gain full visibility of SLA’s implementation based on de-facto Technical Metrics & Business Indicators

Get clear insights on your service availability and data recovery potential risks

Maximize usability and efficiency of existing IT infrastructure elements

Quantify the real IT Infrastructure resource allocation
Identify poor Hardware & Software infrastructure resource utilization
Re-use of IT Infrastructure resources not providing any business value
Provide significant business value by gathering information pertaining to:
Cost reductionn and risk mitigation
Improved service delivery by mitigating hidden and potential risks of system availability and data Recovery
Maximized efficiency by identifying over/under provisioning of infrastructure resources according to business agreements
Ensured constant compliance of IT methodologies vs. de-facto implementation
Unique modular system to handle the needs of a modern IAAS and PAAS service provider