Correlata helps banks and financial IT services comply with strict regulatory compliance requirements, align IT to business needs in real- time, enforce effective SLA, and maximize IT investment efficiency – reducing CAPEX/OPEX costs.

The Need

The finance segment is rapidly evolving and adapting its financial deliveries to the way its clients are consuming their services by activities such as consolidating physical branches and expanding online services. As customers are starting to be totally dependent on online services, banks, insurance and investment organizations must maximize their service availability to allow their customers to reach their accounts, invest and trade while generating revenue.

Finance organizations must comply with strict regulations such as SOX, GLBA, BASEL and PCI DSS, dictated by local and global entities; so it is essential to enforce the way data will be recovered based on internal and external demand for data exhibition, ready to retrieve data during audits and available to restore data due to human error, data corruption or infrastructure failure.

Intelligent Analytics for
Regulated Financial Services

Correlata’s Holistic Analytics Platform maximizes service availability by discovering potential availability risks to IT infrastructure elements supporting related critical financial services and correlating the involved infrastructure resources into a chain of elements, checking resiliency and redundancy of each element in the chain. Our platform exposes risks such as missing or mal-configured high-availability implementations, single data paths from data containers to computing layer, and identifies single storage channel and non-redundant disk structures.

The advanced analytics platform complements the enforcement process by correlating de-facto implementation with internal or external regulations derived from corporate policies, identifying over or under provisioning of IT infrastructure resources and services to critical applications. Our smart platform identifies gaps between IT Infrastructure provisioning and the way it is used by upper layers of the IT, ensuring that allocated resources are claimed, used and provides business value.



Checkmark-50Gain assurance for regulatory compliance and the peace of mind to identify upfront data loss risks before it will be too late

Checkmark-50Accurate alignment measurement of services to business
needs, in real time

Checkmark-50Enhanced business decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information analyzed from customer’s environment.

Checkmark-50Proactively identify risks and minimize downtime of IT infrastructure services before they negatively
impact the business

Checkmark-50Deliver and enforce effective Service Level Agreements with customers, avoiding abandonment and penalties

Checkmark-50Maximize IT investment efficiency by exposing the gap
between IT infrastructure resources allocation and usage

Checkmark-50Complete end-to-end visibility and control on ALL
infrastructure environments

Checkmark-50Reduce operational costs and shorten the root-cause
analysis process