What if you could drive Efficiency and Investment Control across ALL Data Center IT infrastructure operations and saving up to 30% on operations?

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Correlata helps you get the most out of your investment in the Data Center:

Now you can drive Data Center management with accurate independent information that produces information from the person on the data center floor to board room.

Ensured constant compliance of IT methodologies vs. de-facto implementation.

Unique modular system that works based on the Disk Switch perspective – so if your data is not available  it can show outage at the application level.

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The Need

Government Data Center management and operations deal with inventory (assets), monitoring, notification and reporting, configuration / problem / change / incident management – so Data Centers can make informed decisions and react based on as much true information as possible. Now Data Center also crosses the boundaries building Infrastructure that supports the data center environment, networking, IT equipment, information / cyber security, operations of all these areas, policy and procedures addressing all these areas and Governance.

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Drive Data Center Management with Accurate information

Correlata’s Advanced Analytics Platform maximizes service availability by discovering potential availability risks to IT infrastructure elements supporting related critical services. In addition, the platform correlates the involved infrastructure resources into a chain of elements, checks the resiliency and redundancy of each element in the chain, and exposes risks such as missing or mal-configured high availability implementations, single data paths from data containers to computing layer, and finally, identifies single storage channel and non-redundant disk structures.

The Holistic Analytics Platform complements the enforcement process by correlating de-facto implementation with internal or external regulations derived from corporate policies, identifying
over or under provisioning of IT infrastructure resources and services to critical applications. Our smart platform identifies gaps between IT infrastructure provisioning and the way it is used by upper layers of the IT, ensuring that allocated resources are claimed, used and provides business value.

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Checkmark-50It does not fit into any existing molds today and addresses some of the biggest challenges Data Centers have.


Addresses Lower Cost Of Ownership(COS), Improved Quality Of Service (QOS) and Return on Investment (ROI)

Checkmark-50Ensured constant compliance of IT methodologies vs. de-facto implementation.

Checkmark-50Improved service delivery by mitigating hidden & potential risks of system availability & data recovery.

Checkmark-50Accurate alignment measurement of services to business needs, in real time.

Checkmark-50Proactively identify risks and minimize downtime of IT infrastructure services before they impact.

Checkmark-50Maximize IT investment efficiency by exposing the gap between IT infrastructure resources allocation and usage.

Checkmark-50Complete end-to-end visibility and control on ALL infrastructure environments.

Checkmark-50Reduce operational costs and shorten the root-cause analysis process.

“… No other analytics solution currently connects both the IT operations and the business layer into one aligned ecosystem and provides that detailed accurate and proactive insights into the operations infrastructure environment…”

Gadi Gilon, Former Orange CIO, Israel

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