We’re more than IT experts – we’re innovators.

We’re passionate about merging the best components of new technologies into a brand new Management of IT concept. We understand the challenges facing data centers and IT operations, because we’ve each experienced them firsthand industries.

We truly work really hard to develop and providing the right solution because we understand what is expected from us. We developed our technology to be able to address issues that each member of our executive staff has experienced “in the field”. This is what Correlata is all about – changing the world for the better of all.

We believe that to be truly innovative, supportive and non-disruptive, we need to build a solution that isn’t just a new app, or small widget, but something that revolutionizes the way we do.

Ofer Laksman
  • Pablo Horenstein
  • Tsafrir Lahav
  • Gregory Kovalev
  • Ami Avraham
  • Mark Schwedel
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