Correlata CorreAssess™ Platform

Data Center intelligence for your Business

Ready-Made Analytics & BI for All Business-IT Processes in the Data Center

Simple, yet powerful tools

Correlata’s complex algorithms deliver fast results. Robust analysis and machine learning tools provide unprecedented visibility into daily Datacenter operations.

Executive Guidelines

Give the organization the simplicity and flexibility they are looking for – Help them to get smart and fast decisions for continues savings and ROI.

Greater visibility, Greater savings

With Correlata’s advanced Dashboard you can close the Management Ops Gap and share Insight and transparency from the Data Center floor to the Boardroom.

Drive Technology to Align with the Business of Tomorrow

  • The CorreAssess™ Platform provides a Holistic Automated Proactive Machine-Learning Analytics Engine (patent), which correlates the relationships between heterogeneous and multi-layers of IT infrastructure systems
  • The CorreAssess™ Platform grants proactive approach methodology of analyzing outcomes of IT hardware and software infrastructure provisioning, usability, availability, resiliency and efficiency.
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Visibility of SLA’s implementation based on technical metrics and business indicators


Insight on service availability and data recovery risks


Usability and efficiency of existing IT infrastructure elements


Reallocation of IT infrastructure resources not providing business value


Identify correlation of IT infrastructure layers and their function


Ensure compliance of IT methodologies

There are two ways to buy Correlata CorreAssess™

Correlata CorreAssess™ OTA Express

Our Correlata OTA Express offering, is built for growing and businesses that need to get up to speed quickly and economically.

The One Time Assessment (OTA) is the perfect tool for a fast and accurate diagnostic of your entire data center infrastructure environment.

  • Understand the structure and actual size – before entering to any optimization or migration project.
  • Recommendations based on unique patterns of your systems.
  • Expose all the risk and weakness area where you can plan a remediation plan or to make sure that during the project all the issues are being handled.

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Correlata CorreAssess™ Enterprise

The bigger your IT / Data Center, the more data there is to process, and the more complexity your teams require to manage. The Correlata Enterprise platform integrates with your current tools and systems to dramatically enhance and save time and operational expenses.

Correlata CorreAssess™ full solution is the perfect tool for providing the ability to gain detailed insight and accurate key performance indicators into the daily health of the IT assets, enabling to subsequently mitigate risks and prevent business failures in advance.

  • Analyze resource allocation to usage gaps.
  • Identify leftovers, and orphaned resources NOT providing business value.
  • Ensure the right IT resources are allocated to right places.
  • Ensure appropriate IT infrastructure is claimed by the right apps.
  • Ensure key business indicators are compliant to internal policies.
  • Ensure external regulations are adopted and implemented.
  • Proactive exposure and mitigation of data loss risks.
  • Proactive exposure of service availability and operations risks.

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IBM and Correlata

“Correlata attacks the questions surrounding IT Optimization with data; lots of data. Together with IBM, Correlata is building scanners for LinuxONE and to follow will be a new LinuxONE recommendations engine to facilitate workload selection and optimized use of LinuxONE to resolve the most demanding of IT issues.”


Monte Bauman, IBM LinuxONE Solutions Architect