Correlata empowers healthcare service providers to deliver fast, secure and quality patient care – comply with the healthcare industry regulations of HIPPA or PCI, prevent infrastructure risks proactively to ensure clinical workflow and improve IT operations efficiency that cut unnecessary investment costs

The Need

The healthcare segment eco-system is based on technology and IT systems that aim to be continuously available while performing speedily and accurately. Medical systems are expected to connect and communicate with operating medical equipment’s results, patient records, images and reservation queues, pharmacy transcription management and drug deliveries, financial systems and more – while complying with internal regulations and external audits such as HIPAA and PCI.

Although gradually moving towards a more digitized environment, healthcare services are still under extreme expectations to deliver stable services and on demand, fast and secured access to patients’ information. Healthcare providers however, are still challenged in delivering their services effectively, while driving new innovative technology, due to lack of holistic visibility on their IT infrastructure environments. They are thus unable to effectively provision IT infrastructure resources that are not properly allocated to the right applications and services.

Impactful and Fast Insights for Better Patient Care

Correlata’s Advanced Analytics Platform maximizes service availability by discovering potential availability risks to IT infrastructure elements that support related medical applications and services.

We correlate the involved infrastructure resources into a chain of elements, check resiliency and redundancy of each element in the chain, exposing risks such as missing or miss-configured high availability implementations, single data paths from data containers to computing layer, identifying single storage channel and non-redundant disk structures.

The Holistic Analytics Platform complements the enforcement process by correlating de-facto implementation with internal or external regulations derived from corporate policies, identifying over or under provisioning of IT infrastructure resources and services to critical applications.

Our smart platform identifies gaps between IT infrastructure provisioning and the way it is used by upper layers of the IT, ensuring that allocated resources are claimed, used and provides business value.



Ensure efficient SLA delivery to healthcare eco-system members


Ensure compliance of high availability, disaster recovery and data retention with industry regulations of HIPPA or PCI


Checkmark-50Proactively prevent possible infrastructure risks before they happen- ensuring continuous clinical operation workflow


Reduce or postpone upcoming IT infrastructure purchases by decommissioning allocated but unused resources and reorganize the IT infrastructure to meet business alignment.


Quickly monitor and mitigate data loss risks, data retention and recovery point risks


Align with internal regulations and external compliance by effectively retrieving data following incidents such as human error, data corruption, storage failure and uncovered data.