Smart Cities

Smart cities combine a lot of technology disciplines, policies and regulations. Everything is based on computing services and generate a lot of data.

As smart Cities deployments are fully and deeply dependent on computing services for providing community services, it is imperative to make sure that the IT infrastructure, supporting ALL those applications and services, are fully redundant and resilient in order to avoid any change of be out of service and make sure that the generated data will be protected and fully recoverable.

This is not a matter of performing periodical audits or test DR scenarios in a quarterly basis.

As smart cities are based on huge computing services and investments, changing in daily basis; it is essential to deploy an analytic solution in order to perform daily base analysis on the IT infrastructure environments in order to identify gaps of service availability and data recovery risks in a proactive approach.

Correlata is a unique solution to consolidate and correlate information from IT infrastructure objects and proactively identify potential availability and Data Recovery Risks.

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