Correlata empowers telecommunication providers to deliver fast, secured and well connected services to their customers, helps maintain stable and robust high availability across the entire IT infrastructure, while keeping DR and IT investments and operations low.

What if you could provide Proactive Data Protection and Service Availability for an ongoing support of the business?

Correlata solution is the missing link to your IT infrastructure management needs…

Correlata completes existing solutions and ensures the optimum IT setup according to your company’s strategy.

Supporting business continuity, Cost reduction & Expenses control.

You will enjoy from an easy deployment of new assets and an optimized plan for future growth.

Control of regulatory requirements.

The Need

As a Data Center Host Provider we know you are looking to outperform with stability, reliability and cost-effectiveness delivering your services. More and more of your potential clients are recognizing the business benefits of relocating their IT infrastructure to the Data Center Host providers. The issue in question is which Service provider they will choose.  We realize that the main challenge of customers nowadays is to feel the same confidence as they run on-premises when moving to external services and getting full visibility, supported by tangible metrics to ensure a solid-proof Infrastructure service.

The Telco industry is transforming from a classical “triple” solution of wire-line, Wireless and ISP, Too “quad package”  contain TV  and In a more challenging Market  to a pentacle offer or more with  new services such as Hosting, Professional services and Smart Home.

The transformation is not a natural development process inside the organization and basically is part of Merges and Acquisitions. The “new companies”  needs consolidation and duplication reduction to achieve efficiency & operational  excellence.

Correlata solution is a perfect  response for this  challenge – we give an holistic  visualization of the “new company” since market conditions pushing  prices and profit down there is a constant requirement from the management to be more efficient and to cut expenses.

Cutting expenses is not just in terms of “out of pocket money” it can be as infrastructure objects  reuse /reclaim. Correlata out of the box immediately can find saving and objects that could be reclaim.

Our working models could be a powerful tool, why?

  • The OTA – Help in any evaluation process such as due diligence or before Merge and Acquisitions
  • The Saas Model – ongoing tool for constant improvement by improving efficiency, release resources and increase the alignment and contribution to the business

Reduced Downtime in a Dynamic Connected World

Correlata’s Advanced Analytics Platform maximizes service availability by discovering potential availability risks to IT infrastructure elements supporting related critical services and correlating the involved infrastructure resources into a chain of elements, checking resiliency and redundancy of each element in the chain, exposing risks such as missing or mal-configured high availability implementations, single data paths from data containers to computing layer, and identifying single storage channel and non-redundant disk structures.

Correlata’s Advanced Analytics platform maximizes service availability by discovering potential availability risks to IT infrastructure elements, that support related critical Telco services, and correlates involved infrastructure resources into a chain of elements.

Checking the resiliency and redundancy of each element in the chain, and  exposing risks such as missing or mal-configured high availability implementations, single data paths from data containers to computing layer, and single storage channel and non-redundant disk structures.

Correlata complements the enforcement process by correlating de-facto implementation with internal or external regulations derived from corporate policies, identifying over or under provisioning of IT infrastructure resources and services to critical applications. Correlata identifies gaps between IT Infrastructure provisioning and the way it is used by upper layers of the IT, ensuring that allocated resources are claimed, used and provides business value.



Proactively identify risks and minimize downtime of IT infrastructure services before they negatively impact the business


Maximize availability of critical applications / services with constant analysis of their readiness by identifying gaps on redundancy and resiliency implementations.


Mitigate data loss incidents by exposing risks of uncovered data by data protection systems and copy services


Ensure data recovery based on data protection policies, data protection de-facto execution and on demand data exhibition due to audits or authorities requests


Accurate alignment measurement of services and resource allocations to business needs, in real time


Deliver and enforce effective Service Level Agreements with customers, avoiding abandonment and penalties


Maximize IT investment efficiency by exposing the gap between IT infrastructure resources allocation and usage


Complete end-to-end visibility and control on ALL infrastructure environments


Reduce operational costs and shorten the root-cause
analysis process