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We revolutionize the way services are delivered and improve the day-to-day quality of live of citizens everywhere.

Correlata can increase engagement among the different government organizations and citizens, by helping to meet their service delivery and financial goals.

Correlata is the world’s first innovative Business-IT Operations Management Platform to support the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI)

Following “The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) that launched the Federal DC’s Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) to promote the use of Green IT, Federal agencies across Civilian, Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies will be able to gain detailed insight and accurate KPIs into the daily wellbeing of their IT operations and critical applications, subsequently allowing them to maximize their IT operation efficiency, mitigate risks in advance and reduce operations costs.

Correlata is the missing part of the puzzle, representing the answer to the pain that all medium to large enterprises face, The inability to extract business indicators from technical metrics.

The new Data Center mapping of Correlata CorreAssess platform reveals the ability to automatically expose local and global Data center IT investment across ALL systems, platforms, applications, and ensures service availability, redundancy, resiliency and compliance with your business objectives. Now, customers can get operations status and conditions, providing full visibility & holistic transparency in a language that makes sense from the data center floor to the boardroom.

Correlata CorreAssess dashboard can now be customized, allowing users to build their own views with relevant topics and in context drill down details, supporting up to 9 different home screens per user.

Based on Correlata DataFusion OmniVisibility Analytics technology (Patent Allowed), Correlata independent discovery and the End-to-End IP engine correlations that maximize Proactively the Visibility, usability, availability, resiliency, redundancy and efficiency of existing IT infrastructure elements, Federal Agencies can squeeze their existing infrastructure setup in order to provide more services with same or even less investments, make sure that there are no hidden risks on system availability, data protection process, potential failures on data recovery and realize gaps on under/over provisioning of Infrastructure delivered to satisfy customers’ business commitments, regulations and SLAs.

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