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Charge-back of IT Infrastructure
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Sizing of IT Infrastructure
IT Business Alignment
IT departments are often unaware of strategic initiatives that will place increased demands on systems and infrastructure; further, how can management translate business requirements into meaningful IT capacity planning. Correlata helps optimize your IT resources and provide visibility to grow the business. 

Correlata’s CorreAssess platform identifies the chain of infrastructure elements and services allocated to applications and identifies gaps between the real situation and the required resource allocation. Organizations can then better allocate the proper IT infrastructure resources to effectively meet business needs, and budget constraints
Charge-back of IT Infrastructure
Correlata helps you to understand the actual cost of IT infrastructure in your environment and provide the information needed to reclaim costs of IT infrastructure, analyze usage and trends, and help you implement a pay-what-you-consume strategy.

Correlata 's CorreAssess platform helps you compare the costs of internal IT department against the costs of third party or any other outsource service enabling a better understanding of direct and indirect IT cost used for business opportunities or actions that were taken and to get balance returns to justify said expense(s).
Correlata CorreAssess Platform
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IT Compliance
IT organizations that manage high levels of complexity in their IT infrastructures require a sophisticated set of capabilities to determine whether or not IT is compliant with internal and/or external regulations.  

Correlata’s CorreAssess platform ensures that IT is deployed, provisioned, and applied according to internal policies and external regulations, helping organizations identify compliance gaps by correlating rich data inventory and analysis results with business and/or technical criteria. 

These include finding databases that are not compliant with specific server attributes, applying to certain redundancy/resiliency levels and/or using the right storage vendor, technology or connectivity- ensuring that all data, mapped to servers supporting financial applications are compliant with external regulation.

IT Risk
IT Risks are usually related to security issues, although organizations are exposed to other key risks and challenges such as service availability and data loss issues which have a heightened potential to do more harm.

Correlata’s CorreAssess platform identifies the chain of elements and services providing IT infrastructure baseline to applications and correlates information between the data sources, exposing missing or inaccurate implementation of redundancy and resiliency solutions.
Cloud Migration
Prior to any cloud migration, implementing a pay-what-you-consume strategy is essential to identify the true usage of IT services because there remains a need to consolidate all IT related resources provisioned to each one of the cost centers in order to measure and quantify the allocated and used resources.

Correlata’s CorreAssess platform identifies the IT infrastructure elements and services allocated to each LOB, application and environment, identifying orphan, leftovers, and miss-configurations exposing allocated, but not in-use, IT resources and combine it with customer’s own costs to reflect the real IT infrastructure burdening.
Sizing of IT Infrastructure
Executives used to view IT resources as “free resources”— those resources shared by the whole organization and financially covered by the IT department P&L. The problem is that IT departments are running as a cost center with no profit, they provision different types of IT resources and services tiers to LOB with no alignment to their business contribution.

As there are different ways to provision IT services, different tiers of resources and services to consume, it is essential that each LOB be accountable for the consumption of IT services as each is accountable to the way they are doing business.

Correlata’s CorreAssess platform allows each financial owner to consume that right IT service with the right tier that will fit their need and the risks that they are willing to take.

IT Investment Efficiency
IT There is an intuitive tendency to keep investing more in IT resources to allow effective support in the increased demands of the never-ending business requirements. However, problems arise when organizations lose the control and visibility as to the portion of invested and allocated IT infrastructure resources and services that are really claimed and used.

The solution is based on the correlation of IT infrastructure applications – collected directly from raw data, based on data sources in heterogeneous environments from a variety of vendors using different products.

Correlata’s CorreAssess platform identifies and aggregates allocated infrastructure resources such as storage, network and computing elements in order to expose the infrastructure elements that are configured, connected but missing end-to-end physical and logical relationships.
Green Light Business Objectives
Information is power, but that power comes at an increasingly high cost, both in dollars and impact to our planet. Companies are struggling with how to balance cost, performance, security and compliance, while retaining flexibility and control of increasingly complex IT operations.

This trend has escalated even further in recent years, and shows no sign of stopping. IT professionals are needing to find creative new ways to reduce power consumption and make the most of existing IT resources.
Correlata’s CorreAssess platform enable CIOs and IT directors to exceed business needs while encouraging sustainability, corporate responsibility, and eco-friendly practices.
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