Turn Data Into Real Practical Insights

Get the highest level of visibility on ALL your Data Center Infrastructure environments, across ALL systems, platforms and applications. Now you can proactively prevent infrastructure risks, focus on efficiency to improve service delivery and uptime, and cut operations costs already from day one – All with one comprehensive platform.

A Single Platform for ALL Your Business IT Operations Needs

Gain instant access to ALL your IT management and operations information in one place, review anomalies and patterns and make the most out of your IT investment – Stay on top like never before.
More Efficiency. Less Costs
Drive IT operations efficiency in a language that makes sense from the data center floor to the boardroom, cutting operations costs by 30%. Improve service delivery efficiency by 80% and support business goals.
Prevent IT Operations Threats & Risks
Proactively mitigate vulnerabilities and hidden
risks of business failures in high availability and
data recovery- before it happens
Smarter Analytics. Delivered
Get drill-down analytics with accurate, comprehensive
intelligent insights, gathered directly from the
IT infrastructure raw data objects
Immediate ROI
Automated daily analysis to help you start
becoming more efficient, more protected and
recover unnecessary spend from day one
Full Control & Holistic Transparency
Break the silo-vendor effect and get the power & full
visibility on ALL your DC Infrastructure environment,
across ALL your systems, platforms & applications,
with centralized single analytics platform
IT & Business. Aligned
Get operations visibility into key business performance indicators to help to quantify the value and revenue coming directly from IT operations
Cross-Silo Correlation
Connect all the dots with fully automated data
correlation between ALL layers and systems
Fast. Flexible. Easy Deployment
Quick and easy installation. Fully flexible to fit multiple corporate use cases and environments – no need for any application, infrastructure or software change.