Investment Efficiency Management

Business actions are taken by executive decision makers based on their understanding of the topic in context, how it contribute to reduce costs and generate business grow; in simple words – maximize profit.

Correlata helps you get the most out of your investment in the Data Center:
Executives were used to treat IT resources as “free resources”, shared by the whole organization and financially covered by the IT department P&L. The problem is that IT department are running as a cost center with no profit, they provisioning different types and tiers of IT resources and services to LOB with no alignment to their business contribution.
Moreover, IT departments stops to behave as a one stop shop to deliver IT services. IT consumers are using additional IT resources such as self, automated and internal IT resources and also dealing with external cloud providers and IT brokers. Charging consumers for their use of quantity and quality will facilitate the transformation of the IT department to a P&L, acting as an enabler of technology and services to satisfy organizational IT services needs.

Correlata Chargeback Capabilities

Helps you to understand the actual cost of IT infrastructure in your environment.

Helps you to implement pay-what-you-consume strategy.

Provide the information needed to reclaim costs of IT infrastructure in your environment, and to analyze usage and trends.

Provide a useful measuring system that can easily help to compare cost of internal IT department against the costs of third party or any other outsource service.

Provide a useful measuring system that can help to compare the effectiveness of internal IT Divisions, measuring several IT cost compared to a familiar benchmarks.

Provide visibility, which will identify the IT infrastructure elements and services allocated to each LOB, Application and environment and combine it with customer’s own costs to reflect the real IT infrastructure burdening.

General management can also use this ability for better understanding of direct and indirect IT cost used for business opportunities or action that was taken and to get Balance returns to justifies or not the IT expense.