IT Business Alignment

IT Business Alignment has constantly been a key factor and is among the top priorities for IT executives.
Correlata helps you get the most out of your investment in the Data Center:
IT departments are often unaware of strategic initiatives that will place increased demands on systems and infrastructure. They also find it difficult to translate business requirements into meaningful IT infrastructure capacity plans. On the other hand, IT leaders are challenged with quantifying the value coming directly from IT operations – providing answers and visibility into key business performance indicators around efficiency, cost of downtime, bottom line revenue, and risks.
In a competitive market, it is essential not only to make sure to run optimized and effective IT resources, BUT mainly realize how they contribute to grow the business and are fully aligned to other areas in the organization forming an entire eco-system.

Imagine One Comprehensive Eco-System

Correlata’s IT Business Alignment solution automatically identifies the chain of infrastructure elements and services allocated to applications and identifies gaps between the real situation and the required resource allocation. These inherent gaps must be addressed in order to guarantee that IT infrastructure investments are properly provisioned and allocated based on business needs – all on a daily basis.

As mission-critical applications need to deliver optimal performance and run on top IT infrastructure resources, there are many other applications that can afford less. As technology is evolving and IT is becoming complex and heterogeneous, we can help you better classify and measure the service level needed for each application. This way you can allocate the proper IT infrastructure resources to effectively meet business needs, and budget constraints.


Efficiently postpone or avoid your next purchase of IT Infrastructure by
identifying over allocation of IT infrastructure elements & satisfy additional resource allocation to new activities.


Easily present and report direct IT contribution to business by justifying IT infrastructure investments

Regulation Compliant

Expose gaps between real IT infrastructure status vs. internal regulations & external compliance indicators