IT Compliance

IT organizations that manage high levels of complexity in their IT infrastructures require a sophisticated set of capabilities to diagnose and prevent service downtime by the infrastructure.
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Mission critical applications are running on IT infrastructures being increasingly abstracted and complex over time. Business agility dictates continual changes, whilst the same infrastructures are required to deliver optimal resource utilization and user experience.
IT organizations are focused on providing appropriate service levels, but lack the processes or metrics necessary to fully realize their commitments. Those that manage high levels of complexity in their IT infrastructures require a sophisticated set of capabilities to determine whether or not IT is compliant with internal and/or external regulations. Complexity is driven by the heterogeneity of storage subsystems, operating systems, fabric switches, virtualization platforms, together with the continued growth of data, data center consolidation and accelerated use of server and storage.
The migration to cloud computing environment further complicates the IT organization’s ability to determine whether it is compliant.

Real-Time Intelligent Compliance

Correlata’s IT Compliance Solution ensures that IT is deployed, provisioned and used according to internal policies and external regulations. The solution is based on matching existing with required status, and exposing gaps between them. The existing status is identified by unique and invaluable data gathered from hardware and software IT infrastructure elements, products and solutions. The required status is dictated by the customer according to organizational policies and external compliance regulations.

The IT Compliance Solution helps organizations identify compliance gaps by correlating rich data inventory and analysis results with business and/or technical criteria. These include finding databases that are not compliant with specific server attributes, applying to certain redundancy/resiliency levels and/or using the right storage vendor, technology or connectivity- ensuring that all data, mapped to servers supporting financial applications are compliant with external regulation to retrieve data for 7 years with RPO of 7 days.


Ensure existing IT infrastructure
deployment & implementation is fully aligned with internal policies

External Regulations

Ensure organizations are in line with high availability, disaster recovery and data recovery regulations

Operational Anomalies

Ensure management strategic directions are aligned and supported by de-facto implementation delivered by operational teams