Risk Analysis

At the core of Correlata is the proactive approach used to resolve the root causes of today’s IT problems.

A key element of Correlata is to provide a layer of holistic data protection and service availability coverage that supports the Company strategy.
IT Risks are usually related to security issues, although organizations are exposed to other key risks and challenges such as service availability and data loss issues – which have a huge potential to harm their business even more.
Organizations are exposed to these risks due to the way they implement redundancy and resiliency solutions and the way they support a well-defined policy and company strategy. The impact of these risks is exacerbated by failing to identify the correlations between interrelated IT infrastructure elements, products and solutions.

Be Proactive. Face the Inevitable

Correlata’s Risk Analysis Solution identifies the chain of elements and services providing IT infrastructure baseline to applications, correlates information between the data sources and exposes missing or wrong implementation of redundancy and resiliency solutions

The advanced deep analysis reveals risk of service availability by identifying scenarios such as missing storage redundancy, single path connectivity to data and missing high availability solutions, allowing organizations to have the transparency and visibility needed to act proactively and prevent possible infrastructure risks before they happen.

With the unique technology we enable organizations to also reveal risks of data loss, by identifying scenarios such as missing coverage of data in use by data protection solutions, lack of data recovery point according to organizational policy and shortage of data retention to be recovered based on regulations.

Correlata’s Risk Analysis helps organizations gain control of critical risks in complex IT environments, expose potential risks and proactively identify critical risk scenarios to service interruption and data loss.

Because Correlata has no infrastructure vendor dependency, it is the ultimate solution to provide to organizations full control and coverage over their IT environments

Service Availability

Increase service uptime by proactively identifying IT infrastructure redundancy and resiliency risks before their negative impact on business services.

Data Recovery

Mitigate data recovery risks by
proactively identifying gaps between data in use, data protection and data retention

SLA Delivery

Ensure effective Service Level Agreement deliveries by anticipating failures, preventing events from becoming incidents