Investment Efficiency Management

Budget constraint is always a main concern for any organization and CIOs

Correlata helps you get the most out of your investment in the Data Center:
Correlata Investment Efficiency solution automatically identifies the chain of infrastructure elements and services allocated to applications and identifies gaps between real resource provisioning and allocation vs. claim and usage of IT infrastructure elements.
Exposing inherent gaps between allocated resources and the way they are consumed by different IT layers, up to resources allocated to be consumed by databases and applications.
Enables an efficient investment management of existing resources across the entire data center infrastructure environments, with a direct impact on significant reduction in unnecessary operations costs.

Greater Efficiency. Lower Costs

There is an intuitive tendency to keep investing more in IT resources to allow effective support in the increased demands of the never ending business requirements.

Problems arise when organizations lose the control and visibility as to the portion of invested and allocated IT infrastructure resources and services that are really claimed and used.

The solution is based on the correlation of IT infrastructure applications – collected directly from raw data, based on data sources in heterogeneous environments from a variety of vendors using different products. The solution then identifies and aggregates allocated infrastructure resources such as storage, network and computing elements in order to expose the infrastructure elements that are configured, connected but missing end-to-end physical and logical relationships.


Aggregate allocated resources by
application & measure their usability for accounting and charge back

Return on Investment

Identify orphan resources and consider decommissioning – return them back for future use

Vendor Management

Push back infrastructure vendors with
silo optimization information & focus on end-to-end efficiency approach when considering IT infrastructure purchasing