Correlata is changing the game in the Data Center domain by offering a new intelligence diagnostic solution for business IT leaders that provides new insights into the daily wellbeing of the Data Center operations and ensures optimum Data Center infrastructure deployments and smooth cloud migration.

Correlata is the pioneer of Business IT Collaboration solution that puts IT operations on the spotlight as a business unit, so companies can master their IT and grow the business.
Correlata inspect for the first time the behavior and relations between the datacenter systems layer and the business layer and ensures that the data center is not just up and running, but highly available, resilient per the company design intentions and business objectives.
Gadi Gilon-Correlata Testimonial

Correlata gives CIOs and Data Center managers back the control and provides with a holistic visibility on the entire infrastructure environment, with better efficiency and less cost. No other analytics solution currently connects both the IT operations and the business layer into one aligned ecosystem and provides that detailed accurate insight into the operations infrastructure environment.

Gadi Gilon
Former Orange Israel CIO


Is to make it easy for anybody to unlock the full power and potential of Data Center / IT investments based on transparency and efficiency across the organization, for the benefit of businesses worldwide.

Efficiency and Cost savings are Correlata’s mission statment

Gili Klain-Correlata Testimonial

For CIO’s & top IT management, information is power and critical to manage their business environment. Their decisions regarding operations and services should be based on accurate information and well organized! Using Correlata, the budget is used more effectively, preventing operational and services problems.

Gili Klein
Former Migdal Insurance and Financial CIO


It started with a need to resolve frustrations in the management IT space. The C-level was having trouble communicating with the Data center front-lines, vendor silo’d operations were preventing true operational efficiency, and a lack of analytics meant more reactive repair than proactive improvement.

We’re more than IT experts, we’re innovators – We understand the challenges facing data centers and IT operations, because we’ve each experienced them firsthand industries. We truly work really hard to develop and providing the right solution because we understand what is expected from us. We developed our technology to be able to address issues that each member of our executive staff has experienced “in the field”. This is what Correlata is all about – changing the world for the better of all.


The combination of highly secured underground facility hosting services with the highest level of physical survivability and technological equipment, together with effective management of our customers’ infrastructure resources, offers the most effective solution for companies’ IT infrastructure management needs.

Moshe Lasman
Global Data Center CEO


Correlata Infinity concept – Closing the management operations gap

Insights and transparency in a language that makes sensefrom the Data Center floor to the boardroom

Aggregates IT information across various sectors and providing transparency for quarter-to-quarter budgetary tasks

Get a comprehensive snapshot
of the health of your IT consistently

Providing transparency for YoY growth in IT investments and reducing IT spend
across the Data Center

Drive Data Center management with accurate information that produces information from the person on the data center floor to board room

Ruli Arad.Tadiran-Correlata Testimonial

Correlata improved our business continuity and resilience level. Before we had Correlata, our root cause analysis (RCA) process was quite long. Correlata helps us identify anomalies in the infrastructure and enable my team to proactively prevent any possible risks around both our infrastructure and apps

Ruli Arad
Tadiran Group CIO


Correlata Solutions Awarded US Patent for Ensuring IT Infrastructure Setup Coverage and Quality of Service.

Correlata Solutions technology includes a system and method of evaluating compliance of an IT computer infrastructure with a policy, by components. The IT infrastructure is evaluated by comparing a recipient component of a service that is identified by a component providing such service, to an identity of a component providing such service that is identified by a component receiving of such service. The new patent provides further and strengthened protection for Correlata’s technology within the comprehensive platform.


We chose Correlata in order to improve the quality of reporting from the applications backup & replication system we install

Gil Arazi
Former Clal Insurance and Financial CIO


Just plug Correlata CorreAssess™ in your Data center environment and get the intelligence data you need in order to use your infrastructure more effectively, ensure business service delivery, identify and solve problems in advance before it will impact the business.


Correlata is well positioned to address some of the key challenges of IT performance management and requirements of digital economy…

Bojan Simic
Founder Digital Enterprise Journal