From Drops to an IT Tidal Wave



Correlata is guided by a simple philosophy – Thinking innovatively out of the box, combining with strong values and high ethical standards for the benefit of individuals and businesses worldwide.

Correlata is not a standard technology company, Correlata is here to revolutionize Management of IT domain. We aim to create and expand a quiet revolution in the world of business IT, based on transparency and efficiency.  
Correlata is the missing part of the puzzle, representing the answer to the pain that all medium to large enterprises face – The inability to extract business indicators from technical metrics.

Ofer Laksman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


It’s an IT Jungle Out There

The never ending need for more bandwidth, cloud, and DC capacity has pushed many DC companies to keep buying boxes, switches servers, etc. But purchasing this capacity is not enough. As DC’s get larger and more complex, CIO’s are losing control of their DC efficiency. They cannot understand nor quantify the real operating risks in their datacenters and nor measure the vital efficiencies of their DC’s, until now.

With the ever-growing complexity of IT infrastructure, too many heterogeneous silo operation systems, and the lack of ability to see the big picture to manage complete infrastructure towards unparalleled efficiency, Correlata is determined to change the way companies manage their Data Center infrastructure.

Connecting the Dots with Smarter Analytics

It started with a need to resolve frustrations in the management IT space. The C-level was having trouble communicating with the Data center front-lines, vendor silo’d operations were preventing true operational efficiency, and a lack of analytics meant more reactive repair than proactive improvement.

The company was founded in 2010, Correlata combines a profound passion for technology innovation, deep industry and business expertise, with the vision of building an innovative management solution who recognized the challenges that today’s dynamic data centers involves and revolutionizing the IT domain by building the most helpful management IT solution that will empower all personnel involved in the information technology process to lead to business excellency – from the data center to the boardroom, with best-in-class results, service, and accountability.

Breaking the Silo Effect

Correlata is a visionary company, and thanks to its unique ability to cross-silo correlate hard-to-reach critical IT information from the entire Data Center infrastructure to provide proactive analytics insight. Through our cutting-edge Holistic Automated Analytics Platform, Correlata helps companies gain the highest level of visibility and control on ALL their IT Infrastructure environments.

Correlata’s breakthrough technology is the first to solve the inherent silo effect in all current Data Center infrastructure environments, by applying an advanced analytic engine with embedded and sophisticated rules. Our engine generates valuable information regarding wise usage of IT infrastructure investments, resource allocation efficiency, IT alignment to define SLA’s, compliance, service availability and data recovery risks – building a transparent ecosystem.

Correlata is the
brainchild of
our founders
aiming to change
the way Data Centers
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Correlata is driven by world-leading IT and business experts, highly skilled in the IT operations and Data Center management who recognized the challenges that today’s dynamic Data Centers facing on existing management tools, with a vision of building innovative IT Infrastructure new generation of IT operational analytics tools that are built from the ground to support these dynamic Data Center environments helping organizations to take control and maximize IT contribution to the company business.

Correlata is backed by prominent and experienced major international investment funds and advisory board. Meet the Leadership Team >>

At Correlata we’re focused on how technology can be leveraged to help companies to make better and more profitable usage of existing infrastructure investments.

We truly work really hard to provide you with the right solution because we understand what you expecting from us. Companies are struggling with how to balance cost, performance, security and compliance, while retaining flexibility and control of increasingly complex IT operations and your needs are immediate.

We do not resell any software or receive any incentives from hardware or software vendors, so you can be certain that our insights you receive is 100% objective, with the only goal to reduce your operating cost, improve service delivery and helping you to meet your business objectives.